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Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, Central Industrial Zone, building No. 57
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About us

In the most remote corners of Kazakhstan, where the harsh climate and nature challenge the people’s strength, and boundless steppes rest between the cities whose inhabitants’ life depends on technical devices, you can always meet the "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP’s machines.  

The "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP is a new modern machine-building plant producing reliable motor vehicles, resistant to severe conditions.    

The "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP was established on November 9, 2010.

Over a short period, the Company has become the leading manufacturer of special machines in Kazakhstan. The Company’s management has been building partnerships with other manufacturers.

The plant is located in the administrative center of Pavlodar region, beautiful city of Pavlodar, which is in the north-eastern part of Kazakhstan.

Today, the "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP is a machine-building manufacturer of a complete production cycle, from sketches to products.

All units are painted with high-quality varnish and lacquer. Technical quality control is an important stage of production. Each manufactured unit undergoes testing.

The plant production facilities are designed for manufacturing wide range of products and involves modern technological equipment.

The "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP manufacturing area is 2000 sq. m. The building area is 4000 sq. m.     

The "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP produces more than 100 machines. It has more than 20 partners.  

The "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP designs its machines in collaboration with the end users on its own lay-outs. Each machine design is based on reliability, high quality, usability and easy servicing criteria.  

Full range of services - from designing and producing machines to warrantee and post-warrantee service and repair – is the "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” LLP’s main feature.

Much attention is paid to the product development. We try to create our own unique product having outstanding advantages over the other manufacturers’. 

At the end of 2013, the "Pavlodar plant “TEMIRMASH” was converted from the small business entity to the medium one.   

The “Pavlodar plant "TEMIRMASH” LLP is the author of almost all regulatory documents related to its products (ST ТОО standards). All regulatory documents are registered, approved and actualized in due order.   

Four quality management systems are presented at the Company:

  • - Quality management system (ST RK ISO 9001-2009);
  • - Environment management system (ST RK ISO 14001-2006);
  • - Occupational health and safety management system (ST RK 50001-2009).

All employees are highly qualified and undergo a rigorous selection process. The Company’s management creates comfortable conditions for work at all levels. The Company’s success and strong performance result from each employee’s efficiency.

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